Acupuncture will help you enhance your outcomes & decrease your attempts to get you pregnant faster.


  • Healthy Body, Better Results
  • Acupuncture Will Accent Your IVF Outcomes
  • Make Healthy, Good Quality Ova

In Vitro Fertilization is a great choice for patients who have a medical condition preventing them from getting pregnant. IVF often has great results, but a patient should expect that a lot of effort is put into the process. Many women find that IVF is a stressful time period in their life and can be taxing on the female body. Acupuncture is designed to help a woman relax and focuson the body’s healthiness.

IVF can be costly, so the idea is to get pregnant as quickly as possible.  Or, in other words do fewer IVF cycles.  The best way to accomplish your goal is to accent your efforts with acupuncture  and other factors that enhance the results of IVF.  This can include life factors such as your overall health, diet, exercise, supplementation or medication. According to published studies, acupuncture is the only therapy proven to increase live birth outcomes from IVF.

Making Your IVF Cycle A Success

Acupuncture patients regularly experience the benefit of increased quantity, and better quality ova.  Increasing circulation with acupuncture improves the muscle tone and function of the uterus and ovaries.  Acupuncture increases the Nitric Oxide levels in treated Fertility Acupuncture Jupiter FLregions and thereby increases local circulation. Why is it important to increase Nitric Oxide?  In a published research study, Nitric Oxide appears to slow the hardening of the ova’s outer shells, increase the release of molecules that prevent improper fertilization, and fight other signs of aging that could interfere with fertilization.

In addition, acupuncture works to relax the nervous system, decreasing stress and anxiety.  This is especially important during an IVF cycle to improve results. All of the factors mentioned are the result of acupuncture coupled with assisted reproductive therapy that benefit women in increasing their chances of becoming pregnant.


IUI treatment is a first choice for many couples who have had difficulty getting pregnant but do not yet need to try IVF.  Published studies reveal that acupuncture significantly increases success with IUI.

Natural Fertility

If you are trying to get pregnant naturally, it is a process every month to figure out if you are timing your ovulation correctly.   If your hormones are in balance, FSH signals the beginning of the cycle, Estrogen and LH peak for ovulation, and your luteal phase is between 10-14 days. Because there are so many factors involved, the conditions must be just right for conception. Fertility = Healthy Hormones.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for several months and have been unsuccessful, consulting acupuncture physician Jiji Cook will benefit you in many ways. Aside from acupuncture, Jiji works like a coach to help you figure out your cycle, your timing, and any missing pieces of the equation that can help you achieve your pregnancy.


Getting close to 40 and TTC?  It’s common knowledge and simple science the chances of conception lower with age. The good news is acupuncture improves your fertility and in combination with supplements and dietary advice, you can make your reproductive system ‘act younger’ than your biological age.

Have you ever met someone and thought they were much younger or older than their actual age?  That is because every person has their physical age & their biological age.  Your body can respond in ways that a much younger person’s would respond when it is cared for properly.  And conversely, many people see rapid biological aging when they have unhealthy habits such as smoking or lack of exercise.

You might as well do everything you can to enhance your pregnancy attempts.  Diet, exercise, acupuncture & healthy weight will increase your chances and decrease your attempts.